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tribal taino tattoos pictures pictures

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  1. tattoo jimmi says:

    Tribal on my sister's ankel done by yohan, Art Cannes Tattoo shop in france Tribal Tattoos Bull Tattoo Pictures , Hey everybody, just got my first tribal tattoo a few weeks ago and I want to start adding onto it. Its an Irish triquetra, only about 5-6 inches in diameter on my upper arm (basically right in between my shoulder and elbow). Here is the design I played off of, but mine has a little bit of shading and tweaking of the lines to make them thinner. tribal, I want to add on so that there will be an extra 3-4 inches of diameter all the way around. I was thinking the rays of a tribal sun to kind of draw attention to the inner design, some type of thorn design lacing through it or something along those lines. Just trying to get some ideas floating around in my head, any feedback would be appreciated

  2. tattoo me says:

    still in progress Tribal Life Loyalty Tattoos Gallery , A woman is picked up by Dennis Rodman in a bar. They like each other and she goes back with him to his hotel room. He removes his shirt revealing all his tribal tattoos and she sees that on his arm is one which reads, "Reebok." She thinks that is a bit odd and asks him about it. Dennis says, "When I play basketball, the cameras pick up the tribal tattoo and Reebok pays me for advertisement." A bit later, his pants are off and she sees "Puma" tribal tattooed on his leg. He gives the same explanation for the unusual tribal tattoo. Finally, the underwear comes off and she sees the word "AIDS" tribal tattooed on his penis. She jumps back with shock. "I'm not going to do it with a guy who has AIDS!" He says, "It's cool baby. In a minute it's going to say 'ADIDAS'...

  3. chopper tattoo says:

    Here's a tribal cross on the forearm.. slightly modified from another design Tribal Daisies Tattoos Gallery , That is exactly what I was looking for! I was however toying with the idea of morphing the "C" logo so it pops out, keeping the orange color but making it almost 3-D. The barbed wire is spot on perfect.

  4. tattoo fever says:

    Did this one for my Brother Tribal Tattoos Hawaii Tattoo Designs Design , Thanks for the replys. Did another hour or so today but it looks like it won't matter as the forecast doesn't look like much sun anyways.

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