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tribal tattoo on foot flower pictures

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  1. tattoo jimmi says:

    Tribal on my sister's ankel done by yohan, Art Cannes Tattoo shop in france Tribal Tattoos Bull Tattoo Pictures , here it is. Im not to fond of color. i got the devil(flash) piece when i was 17, then got the Wings and burning halo to simbilize my struggle between doing the right thing and dancin with the devil. Any one have any good ideas on how to finish, or what would look good on this tribal tattoo?tribal tattooswww.tribal

  2. tattoo me says:

    still in progress Tribal Life Loyalty Tattoos Gallery , jrzlady wrote: Check these out This is what I did this morning I sent it in an E-mail

  3. chopper tattoo says:

    Here's a tribal cross on the forearm.. slightly modified from another design Tribal Daisies Tattoos Gallery , I want to get the quote "ONLY THOSE WHO RISK GOING TOO FAR, KNOW HOW FAR THEY CAN GO" on the backs of my thighs but I'm having trouble coming up with how I want it placed. Any ideas?

  4. tattoo fever says:

    Did this one for my Brother Tribal Tattoos Hawaii Tattoo Designs Design , I have always liked big, traditional Japanese style for back pieces. I think a full on, hardcore, Pirate theme wuld be sweet too. Pretty much anything you can think of really.

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