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tribal tattoo writing styles photos

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Responses to “Tribal Tattoo Writing Styles Photos”

  1. tattoo jimmi says:

    Tribal on my sister's ankel done by yohan, Art Cannes Tattoo shop in france Tribal Tattoos Bull Tattoo Pictures , I don't know how I got into tribal tattoos but ever since I was young (15 or so) I've wanted to get a tribal tattoo. On my senior trip in high school I finally had a design and ended up getting it done.I was born in the year of the tiger so I ended up getting the face of a tiger with some design around it and two Chinese characters that describe what the tiger represents in our culture (strength and courage) This is from the middle of my lower neck to about 1/4 down my back.A year or so after that I ended up getting two more Chinese characters on the side of my ribs. One meaning dedication/determination and the other meaning true/genuine.I am now having another craving for some more ink but I do not know what I want/where to have it. I was thinking of either adding to my sides more, adding to my back, or doing something somewhere else such as down my shoulder blades.All my tribal tattoos have meaning to me and my life. I already have a design for my next tribal tattoo (my dads actual dog tags on me) but I am not getting that until it's that certain time in my life which hopefully won't be anytime soon.I want to get the quote "For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is." but I don't want to just have writing on me.SERIOUS ideas are welcomed.Here are pictures of my current tribal tattoos and possibly ideas with the quote. I don't know, to me it seems out of place.

  2. tattoo me says:

    still in progress Tribal Life Loyalty Tattoos Gallery , Hi Heres loads of dragonfly designs./?loggedin=1#catpath=designs/tribal tattoos&order=9&q=dragonfly

  3. chopper tattoo says:

    Here's a tribal cross on the forearm.. slightly modified from another design Tribal Daisies Tattoos Gallery , Hi 2boyzmom,A koi fish category will be added in the next few days with 10 new koi fish designs! Be on the lookout.Mark

  4. tattoo fever says:

    Did this one for my Brother Tribal Tattoos Hawaii Tattoo Designs Design , Dragon, Tiger, Geisha, Foo Dog, Samurai, etc

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