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tribal tattoos butterfly photos

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  1. tattoo jimmi says:

    Tribal on my sister's ankel done by yohan, Art Cannes Tattoo shop in france Tribal Tattoos Bull Tattoo Pictures , Tribal Tattoo Pictures AhshKoshBGoshBAHAHAHA YES!! thats awesome love it!!Really

  2. tattoo me says:

    still in progress Tribal Life Loyalty Tattoos Gallery , I agree with Dave, check the connections to the batt. and put it on charge. If you still have the problem in the morning you need to look at started. What a bummer HUH

  3. chopper tattoo says:

    Here's a tribal cross on the forearm.. slightly modified from another design Tribal Daisies Tattoos Gallery , I keep getting sent to a screen that says I am not registered to view ths page, please complete registration. I am wondering where all these supposed "NEW FEATURES" are at on this site? these announcements were posted a year ago, saying that all sorts of new things, things that might actually make this site worth the price of access, were supposed to be up months ago... I knew I had a bad feeling about this for a reason, but since I never trust any websites I decided to over-ride my intuition on this one, and threw down the $37. How do I access the "light box" feature that the little box icon mentions, when viewing individual "designs"? I am really not liking what I'm findng on this site so far, and am probably going to have to attempt to get the refund. Any experience with refunds, anyone? are you still here cuz they wont give you your money back? ugh, I hate the internet sometimes...Kriya

  4. tattoo fever says:

    Did this one for my Brother Tribal Tattoos Hawaii Tattoo Designs Design , Yeah I just didn't like seeing them and the whole idea of losing your own skin for something you might like temporarily, but soon after I had my own tribal tattoo, not only got into them. We went and shot a video by a director ( a friend of mine) and my best friend who got a tribal tattoo and that was an emotional moment for me as well .. the kid's mom's gone and he finally got a tribal tattoo he's been wanting since Iraq for God's sake.The video I'm talking about is up there in the thread.. I don't wanna "spam" again.

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