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  1. tattoo jimmi says:

    Tribal on my sister's ankel done by yohan, Art Cannes Tattoo shop in france Tribal Tattoos Bull Tattoo Pictures , Hello everyone, I got my 3rd tribal tattoo a week ago and part of it is very cracked with little to no ink is set in the skin (my arm twists a lot in this spot). I already know it's going to have to be redone there. Is there a certain length of time to wait before having touch ups done? Thanks!

  2. tattoo me says:

    still in progress Tribal Life Loyalty Tattoos Gallery , Thats interesting.Pity im too far away

  3. chopper tattoo says:

    Here's a tribal cross on the forearm.. slightly modified from another design Tribal Daisies Tattoos Gallery , Hi all, I'm lookin for a scorpion tat design. I have 2 boys and want to integrate their names in the claws of the scorpion. I figure to put it on my shoulder. Been lookin at scorpion designs to start with and haven't found one that i like. Any help?!

  4. tattoo fever says:

    Did this one for my Brother Tribal Tattoos Hawaii Tattoo Designs Design , Your kid is cool as shit!!!

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